Attention: Any Man Who Wants to Maintain Their Erections, and SATISFY Any Woman in Bed…

“Here's a Tested and Scientifically Backed Up Ingredients for Having Sky-High Testosterone Levels and a Healthy Libido Without Changing Your Lifestyle or Adopting Crazy Exercise Routines


Ancient Eastern Wisdom Shows You How to Achieve These “3 Keys” as Quickly and Easily as Possible - so You Can Optimize Erections & Blow The Mind of Every Woman You Sleep with…
Dear Friend,
It’s Troy Valance here.

You’re about to discover the “3 Keys” to enjoying powerful Sexual Performance at any age (regardless of what your performance has been like in the past).

If you want reliable, healthy erections... and have any woman SCREAMING your name… BEGGING you for more, night after night… then you’t won’t want to miss this...

Because once you understand the “3 Keys”...

...and then use the simple, easy-to-follow “Lifestyle Hacks” in this letter to add them into your lifestyle…

...and then add a dose of “Ancient Eastern Wisdom” (also revealed in this letter)...’ll experience:
  • An insatiable sex-drive
  • Healthy erections, that never let you down
  • Healthy sex drive
  • ​Increased semen volume
  • Increased energy
Bottom line?
If you want to gain an unfair advantage in the bedroom…

And, you’d like every woman who sees your manhood to be blown away by how stiff, thick, full and powerful you are “down there”…

Read on carefully…

The “3 Keys” to Strong, Reliable and Powerful Sexual Performance (backed by Modern Science)...

To experience an extraordinarily high sex-drive… and optimize healthy erections, you need to optimize ALL 3 of the following:
  • Your Circulation and Blood Flow
  • Your Testosterone Levels
  • Your Stress Levels
Let’s dive into those 3 right now, in detail…

Key #1: Optimal Circulation and Blood Flow

Scientific FACT: To get an erection, blood has to flow to your penis.
Scientific FACT: To maintain an erection, blood has to stay in your penis.
The question is:

“What are some of the things that prevent optimal circulation and restrict blood flow to your penis, and more importantly what can you do to improve these 2 things?”

Well, the two most common things that PREVENT optimal circulation and restrict blood flow are:

 - A poor diet


 - Lack of exercise (or, incorrect exercise)

Let’s Talk about Diet First...

It’s been proven that many of the common, everyday food choices people make in developed, western countries - especially the US - DO NOT lead to optimal circulation and blood flow…
These unhealthy food choices are probably the BIGGEST CAUSE of both:
  • Heart Disease (the biggest in the Western World, responsible for 1 out of every 3 deaths)
  • Erection Problems (possibly the biggest cause of frustration, embarrassment, shame and misery for men in the western world!)
You see, the truth is…
Foods like refined sugar and trans fats have a particularly BAD effect on your circulation and blood flow. And, therefore, a particularly BAD effect on your sexual performance too.

You might think that you don’t really consume refined sugar, or trans fats. However, the truth is, you probably do, yet you just don’t realize it...

Because the major food corporations know that the combination of “Sugar and Fat” is:

Incredibly tasty


Highly addictive

So, although these 2 calorie dense, nutrition light foods might be bad for your circulation, performance and sex-life…

They’re good for CORPORATE PROFITS!

And so, they get added to virtually ALL foods that are processed.

This makes the Major Food Corporations “Public Enemy #1” when it comes to your Sexual Performance.

Worse still...

Even stuff that’s “Low Fat” is bad… because it’s almost always high in SUGAR (Key Point: if it was both low fat, and low sugar, it wouldn’t have the addictive properties the major food corporations want their processed foods to have).

And “Low Carb” foods (meaning: low sugar), are always HIGH in FAT (again, because if it were low carb and low fat, it wouldn’t stand a chance of being as tasty or addictive).

The only real way to ensure you don’t consume refined (processed) sugar, and trans fats, is to eat natural, or minimally processed, home-prepared foods. But, that’s simply not the world we live in today - most people like to eat out, eat ‘on the go,’ eat in ‘fast food’ restaurants, and eat where it’s convenient, quick and easy.

Sadly, ‘convenient, quick and easy’ tends to mean lots of refined sugar, and trans fats (bad fats). And, that means less than optimal circulation and blood flow, and less than optimal sexual performance.
What’s the alternative?
Well, if you’re serious about optimizing your circulation and increasing your blood flow…
So you can optimize erections.

Ideally you’d eat as I suggested a few moments ago:

Natural foods that are minimally processed, and preferably home-prepared (so you know exactly what’s in your food - because, in my opinion, you cannot trust the major food corporations to look out for your health and performance. Instead, they’re overcome with GREED, and look out for nothing but their corporate profits, even if it’s at the expense of your health, virility and sexual pleasure).

Here would be the foods to base your diet around, in order to optimize your circulation, blood flow, sexual performance, and indeed, overall health and vitality:
  • Fruits (a wide variety is best, many different colours)
  • Vegetables (including plenty of greens, and, interestingly, beetroot - all of which have been proven to improve circulation and blood flow)
  • High quality animal protein (meaning things like: Grass Fed Beef, Organic Chicken and Wild Salmon)
  • ​High quality vegetarian protein sources (egg whites, raw organic dairy)
  • Good fats (for instance: egg yolks, avocado, coconut oil, nuts, seeds, olive oil)
  • ​Healthy carbs (root vegetables like potatoes and carrots, as well as healthier grains, such as rice and quinoa)
  • ​Healthy sweeteners (ditch the refined sugar and use things like raw Honey, and organic Maple Syrup instead)
Of course, you don’t have to eat ALL of those food groups.
But, you get the idea…

To get fat, hard, strong erections, you need to optimize your circulation and blood flow…

To do that, you need to eat REAL food (including plenty of fruits and vegetables)...
And you need to eliminate, or at least cut way back on ‘fake foods,’ including but not limited to:
  • White flour products (white pasta, white bread, pastries, donuts, pizza etc)
  • Sugary treats and snacks (ice cream, chocolate bars, candy and so on)
  • Heavily processed meals (microwave meals and “fast food” being two of the worst offenders)
Before we move on, I’ll give you 2 more tips for optimizing your circulation and blood flow, as far as FOOD goes:
  • If you can’t KILL it, pull it from the GROUND, or pick it off a BUSH or TREE, it’s probably not good for you (think about it… you have to kill the animal that gives you meat, poultry and fish… fruits like apples and pears grow on trees, and vegetables like carrots and potatoes grow underground)
  • You don’t have to eat PERFECTLY to enjoy healthy circulation, strong blood flow and the kind of hard, stiff, throbbing erections that make women weak at the knees, and wet between their legs (just try to eat well 90% of the time, and allow yourself the odd treat 10% of the time… popcorn at the cinema, a beer or two with your buddies, the odd slice of pizza here and there)
Okay. So, you’re clear on diet, yes?
The more natural and less processed the foods you consume, the better your circulation and blood flow will be…

And that’s going to give you more impressive erections.

The next big thing you need to consider, with regards to improving your circulation and blood flow is:


If you don’t do any exercise, that’s not good for circulation and blood flow. And, it’s not good for your sexual performance.
The other thing you really need to know is that you don’t have to KILL yourself or “Beast yourself” when exercising…

In fact, you actually don’t have to do that much exercise to optimize your circulation and blood flow!

A 20-30 minute walk - or even two or three 10 minute walks each day - is probably enough. Yes, that’s it!

Sure, you can do more intense forms of exercise if you want. But, you don’t have to.
Walking is enough!

And, if you really think about it, you can probably get in a brisk, non-stop 20-30 minute walk, or two to three 10 minute walks, without really changing your lifestyle.

For instance:
  • If you drive to work, simply park your car 10 minutes from the building (then you get a 10 minute walk into work, and a 10 minute walk back to your car when the working day is over)
  • If you live near town, and usually drive to get there, take a 20-30 minute walk instead
This doesn’t have to be complicated.
You don’t have to learn a new sport…

You don’t have to go to the gym…

You don’t have to spend a fortune on fancy workout equipment or clothing...

To improve your circulation, blood flow and erection quality, you can do it simply by walking. At a brisk pace. On a daily basis.

You can do that, right?


Then let’s move on and talk about the “2nd Key” to strong sexual performance:

Key #2: Testosterone

Testosterone can give you a lot of things (including more energy, better mood, and lower body-fat just to name a few).
However, when it comes to your sex-life, you’ll probably be most interested in the following benefits that higher Testosterone Levels can support:
  • A healthy sex-drive
  • Optimal erections
  • Increased semen volume
  • ​Daily “morning erections”
  • ​Healthy sensitivity and orgasms
The question is:

“How Can You Improve and Boost Your Testosterone Levels?”

Here are the 3 most important strategies:
  • Optimal rest
  • Optimal nutrition
  • Doing regular Strength Training
Let’s take a look at those 3 Testosterone optimizing strategies in more detail, starting with:


Sleep might sound BORING, but it’s absolutely essential to your health, sexual performance, and overall quality of life.
And, studies show that a HUGE percentage of people are unhappy with their sleep quality.

For instance: Gallup News reported that in 1942, most Americans slept for, on average, 7.9 hours per night. However, by 2013 that figure had fallen to just 6.8 hours (a 14% drop).

In a 2016 article by Fortune Magazine (8), it was reported that problems related to a lack of sleep cost the US over $411 Billion each year!

The CDC publishes data that shows how much sleep people need, based on their age. Basically, the older you are, the less sleep you need. However, even adults aged 65+ still need 7.8 hours of sleep a night…

The Bad News however, is that study after study show that huge percentages of both men and women fail to get their required number of hours sleep each night. For example, The National Centre for Biotechnology Information reports that 40% of adults between the ages of 40 and 59 say that they are getting LESS than the recommended number of hours sleep each night.

I could go on, but the picture is clear…

As a society, we don’t sleep enough.

Here’s why that’s BAD for your sex-life...

When you sleep well you produce more Testosterone (and more Growth Hormone - often called “The Fountain of Youth”).

When you sleep badly you produce more Cortisol (the Stress Hormone), and less Testosterone and Growth Hormone.

Testosterone and Growth Hormone give you more youthfulness, vitality and vigour.
Cortisol ages you, robs you of performance, and makes you feel old.

Cleary, sleeping well is incredibly important if you want to enjoy the kind of sex-drive and erection quality necessary to SATISFY any woman in bed.

Before I show you a few simple ways to improve your sleep quality, lets first define what “Good Sleep” - Testosterone boosting sleep - is:
  • Enough hours of sleep every night (for most men, this is 8 hours, give or take 1 hour)
  • Deep and uninterrupted (meaning: you don’t wake up throughout the night)
So, as a goal, you should aim to get “8 hours of deep, uninterrupted sleep every night”
However, as we’ve seen from the studies earlier, many men are dissatisfied with their sleep quality. So, achieving 8 uninterrupted hours isn’t always easy…

Though it will be a lot easier if you use some, or all, of the following “Sleep Hacks”...
  • Try to go to bed, and wake up, at similar times every day - if you can get to bed before midnight, that’s even better (for most men, going to bed between 10 and 11pm and getting up between 6 and 7am is ideal)
  • Try to avoid drinking too much within 2-3 hours of going to bed (this will help you avoid waking up to use the bathroom)
  • Try to avoid anything too stimulating or stressful within 2-3 hours of going to bed (this includes things like: horror movies, aggressive music, coffee!, and even watching the news)
  • ​Try to develop a “Sleep Routine” that you go through before bed each night - it could be as simple as: take a shower, clean your teeth, do a little stretching or meditation (the key point is: you do it each night, consistently, before bed, to help you RELAX and de-stress)
  • ​Try to get into the habit of turning your mobile off at night, and getting off your phone or computer at least 1 hour before bed (because the “Electromagnetic Frequencies” - EMF - given off by these devices has been shown to disrupt sleep quality)
So that’s sleep.
8 uninterrupted hours each night is the goal. Increased Testosterone will be the reward!

Use the “Sleep Hacks” I just shared with you to make it happen.

The next thing that’s going to strongly affect your Testosterone Levels - and therefore your sexual performance - is your:


The Good News is:
The same nutritional things we talked about in the circulation and blood flow section, also apply here!

To be clear:

If you want better circulation, blood flow AND Testosterone:
  • Eat a natural, minimally processed diet, home-prepared whenever possible
Eat from the following food groups as much as possible:
  • Fruits (a wide variety is good)
  • Vegetables (including plenty of greens)
  • High quality animal protein (meaning things like: Grass Fed Beef, Organic Chicken and Wild Salmon)
  • ​High quality vegetarian protein sources (egg whites, raw organic dairy)
  • Good fats (for instance: egg yolks, avocado, coconut oil, nuts, seeds, olive oil)
  • ​Healthy carbs (root vegetables like potatoes and carrots, as well as healthier grains, such as rice and quinoa)
  • Healthy sweeteners (ditch the sugar and use things like raw Honey, and organic Maple Syrup instead)
Eliminate, or at the very least minimize things like:
  • White flour products (white pasta, white bread, pastries, donuts, pizza etc)
  • Sugary treats and snacks (ice cream, chocolate bars, candy and so on)
  • Heavily processed meals (microwave meals and “fast food” being two of the worst offenders)
As far as Testosterone goes, there’s something else I’d like to share with you, in terms of Nutrition…
And, it’s all to do with FATS.

You see, Science has proven, in simple terms, that there are “Good Fats” and “Bad Fats.” Healthy Fats and Unhealthy Fats.

If you’ve followed Nutrition in recent years, or if you have any interest in diet, you’ve probably heard these terms.

Trans Fats are really BAD for you. Because they clog up your arteries and reduce circulation. The simple way to avoid them is to avoid processed foods (because Trans Fats most often occur when fats are processed and heated).

Good Fats (like Coconut Oil, Olive Oil, high quality Fish Oil and so on) have many benefits.

As far as Testosterone goes, here’s what you need to know…

Good Fats Actually Provide Key “Building Blocks” for Testosterone!

So, if you eat a LOW FAT diet, even if it’s made up of natural, minimally processed foods, you probably aren’t doing your Testosterone Levels (or sexual performance) any favors.
You NEED the Good Fats, if you want optimal Testosterone Production.

I think this is why guys who are into Bodybuilding often love eggs. Because the yolk of the egg contains some of the best quality fats you can eat. Those fats then help increase Testosterone, and Testosterone helps increase muscle growth.

I also believe it’s why so many men feel so good when they go Paleo, Keto, or Carnivore - which are all types of diet that involve lots of healthy fats (because the additional healthy fats help them boost their Testosterone Levels, and that gives them more energy, sex-drive, sexual performance, muscle, strength and so on).

My recommendation would be to ensure you get 2 or 3 portions of healthy fats each day.

Here are some great options:

My recommendation would be to ensure you get 2 or 3 portions of healthy fats each day.

Here are some great options:
  • Grass Fed, Organic Beef
  • Wild Alaskan Salmon
  • Egg Yolks (the egg white is mostly protein. But, unless you have a good reason not to, eat the whole egg)
  • ​Nuts and Seeds
  • ​Avocado
  • ​Coconut Oil
  • ​Raw Butter
  • ​High Quality Fish Oil
Get a few of those foods in your system each day and it can have a powerful effect on your Testosterone Levels, and therefore: your sex-drive and erection quality too.
Now. The third thing I want to talk to you about, with regards to Testosterone Optimization, is:

Strength Training...

We talked earlier about how Walking is great for Circulation and Blood Flow.

When it comes to Testosterone, Strength Training is the best form of exercise. It’s the thing that’ll boost it the most.

Do both - walking and strength training - and you have a recipe for much better sexual performance!

Strength Training has been proven, scientifically, to raise Testosterone (as well as improving bone density, helping muscle growth, making you more athletic, boosting confidence, and more).

And, don’t worry…

If Strength Training isn’t your thing, you don’t need to do that much to reap the benefits. As little as 20-30 minutes, twice a week is highly beneficial - and, you don’t even need to go to the gym to do it.

You could do your strength training at home, using Bodyweight Exercises, Kettlebells and Resistance Bands.

To give you an idea of the exercises you can do at home…

With your Bodyweight:

 - Press Ups
 - Pull Ups
 - Lunges
 - Planks

With Kettlebells:

 - Shoulder Presses
 - Squats
 - Swings

With Resistance Bands:

 - Tricep Pushdowns
 - Bicep Curls
 - Shoulder Raises
 - Many exercises for the Back and Legs

I’m showing you this to give you an idea of how easy it can be to incorporate some strength training into your lifestyle.

When you do, more Testosterone and improved Sexual Performance will be your reward!

Let’s move on and take a look at the 3rd Scientifically Proven Key to enjoying powerful Sexual Performance…

Key #3: Stress Reduction

You might have heard Stress referred to as:

“An Erection Killer”

It's called this for a very good reason - because it's is a real thing. Many men totally lose their sex-drive when they feel too stressed. They can’t ‘get it up.’

Unfortunately, it’s become very easy to feel very stressed, on a consistent daily basis, in today’s modern world and the reaction of your body to prolonged stress has many harmful effects.

You see, Human Beings are designed to handle massive stress. But only for short periods of time.

We are not designed to handle the constant “low level” daily stresses of modern life. And, it’s these constant “background, underlying stresses” that rob you of health and vitality, and kill your sex-drive and erection quality.

Allow me to explain…
Thousands of Years Ago, Our Ancestors Had to Deal with The Stress of a Sabre Tooth Tiger Chasing us…
They saw a Tiger, and RAN. as fast as their hairy legs could take them.

Or, climbed up something high to get out of it’s way.

The Sabre Tooth Tiger was the thing making us feel STRESSED... and we were designed to respond to that stress and get away from it. The stress we felt in that kind of situation was evolution’s way of giving us a chance of NOT becoming the Tiger’s next meal!

The Stress would ‘kick us into action’ (triggering the “fight or flight’ response)... and make us run away, climb the tree, hit it with a stick or stone, or whatever. Anything we could do to STAY ALIVE.

Then, after we got away, the stress would subside and we could go back to our daily lives. Feeling relaxed and calm again.

You, as a Human Being, can deal with THAT kind of stress. You might not want to, and you may not even live to tell the tale, but you are designed to!

What you - and every other human being - is less adapted to deal with, are the stresses of modern life…
  • The endless negative news and media - yet another economic worry or recession… a pandemic… a terror attack… health problems on the rise (you get bombarded with this type of stuff every day… on your phone, on the Radio, on TV, in conversations with your friends, family and co-workers)
  • The feeling like everything is a rush - and that you never have enough time (work, exercise, family, friends, time to chill out and relax, sleep!, how do you fit it all in?)
  • Being overburdened with responsibility (many men feel this way, because they have to work, pay the bills, support a family and so on)
  • ​Almost infinite Choice and Opportunity - which, in many ways is GREAT - but, it’s also stressful… should you cook at home, or eat out? Should you buy an iPhone, or another brand of mobile? Should you drive a petrol car, or go electric? Should you try to meet women online, or ‘in the real world?” (We have so many choices and opportunities these days, that in some ways it’s a STRESS - a cause of anxiety)
  • ​Rapid Technological change - or course, in many ways, this is great (but, it’s also a source of stress because it’s so difficult to keep up… how should you watch TV; Netflix, Sky, Cable, Amazon and so on? How do you use the features on your new phone? Should you invest in a Cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, “Real Money” like Gold or Silver, or is Cash still King? Can you trust the technology you trust with your life - like getting on a plane? Or, trusting an automated car?)
As you can see - the Modern World throws A TON of Stress at us, yet none of it is the stress we’re designed to deal with (meaning: none of it is figuring out how NOT to be a Sabre Tooth Tiger’s dinner!).
What all these modern stresses do is give you a weird underlying and virtually never-ending ‘stress and anxiety’ that you’re often not even aware of…

You just end up accepting it as a way of life. But, over the years it builds and eventually makes you ill (erection problems being one form of illness).

Sometimes this underlying stress and anxiety manifests as FRUSTRATION or ANGER…

Like, when you’re stuck in a Traffic Jam, already late for an important meeting or appointment, and your Sat Nav tells you it’s going to be another HOUR before you get there. That’d make anyone stressed or anxious - and many men react with frustration or anger.

Or, how about a situation where you go to your favorite restaurant, and you know exactly what you want to eat (because you always eat that same dish that you LOVE, and you’ve been looking forward to it all day), but then the person serving you tells you they’ve run out of the key ingredients for your favorite dish…

How do you react?

You feel stressed. You feel frustrated. You might even feel angry (especially if you’ve had ‘one of those days’ and multiple stressors are getting on top of you).

You see what’s going on here, right?

Thankfully, these days most of us don’t have to deal with Sabre Tooth Tigers anymore...

Unfortunately though, you’re designed to deal with that kind of “Life of Death” type stress.

However, you’re not designed to deal with the endless smaller and more persistent stresses that modern western life tends to throw at us, throughout the day, every day.

And, these modern stresses mean that most men are permanently stressed, which has a permanent and negative effect on their testosterone levels and sex-life.


“What can you do to lower your stress levels and not have stress negatively affect your Testosterone Levels?”

Here are 3 suggestions:
1. Optimize Your Sleep!
We talked about this earlier. As a reminder, here are my recommendations for getting better quality sleep:
  • Try to go to bed, and wake up, at similar times every day - if you can get to bed before midnight, that’s even better (for most men, going to bed between 10 and 11pm, and getting up between 6 and 7am, would be ideal)
  • Try to avoid drinking too much within 2-3 hours of going to bed (this will help you avoid waking up to use the bathroom)
  • Try to avoid anything too stimulating or stressful within 2-3 hours of going to bed (this includes things like: horror movies, aggressive music, coffee!, and even watching the news)
  • ​Try to develop a “Sleep Routine” that you go through before bed each night - it could be as simple as: take a shower, clean your teeth, do a little stretching or meditation (the pint is: you do it each night, before bed, to help you relax and de-stress)
  • ​Try to get into the habit of turning your mobile off at night, and getting off your phone or computer at least 1 hour before bed (because the “Electromagnetic Frequencies” - EMF - given off by these devices has been shown to disrupt sleep quality)

2. Meditate for 5-10 Minutes Daily

The stress reducing effects of meditation are amazing. Even if you only do 5-10 minutes a day.
And, it’s SUPER EASY.

Here’s what you do:
  • Find somewhere free of distractions (put your phone on silent, turn off your computer etc)
  • Sit in a comfortable position
  • Close your eyes
  • ​Breathe through your nose
  • Focus on witnessing your breath, as it goes in and out through your nose
  • ​Anytime your mind wanders, to a thought in your mind, or a feeling in your body, gently return your focus to your breath going in and out of your nose
At first, your mind will likely WANDER all the time.
However you can train your brain just like any other muscle, and over time, with a little daily practice, you’ll start to be able to keep your focus on your breath, and have your mind wander to thoughts and feelings in your body much less.

After 5-10 minutes of meditation you’ll feel more relaxed, chilled out and stress free! It’s a great “Lifestyle Hack” for your health, well-being and testosterone levels.

3. Give Yourself Permission to be Happy TODAY

This might sound silly. Because it seems too obvious.
Yet, so many of us put our happiness on hold… until some magical future date… and often end up living lives where we spend HUGE amounts of time doing stuff we don’t want to do…
  • Doing jobs we don’t like
  • Spending time with people we aren’t really that fond of
  • ​Dating women we’re not that into
Whenever you do ‘stuff’ that you don’t enjoy - it’s a source of stress and anxiety. And a negative for your Testosterone Levels. 

Sure, you HAVE TO do your tax return, and you HAVE TO pay your bills. I’m not suggesting you can spend every minute of every day doing stuff you absolutely LOVE.
However, what I am saying, is this:

The more time you spend doing things you love, the less stressed you’ll be. And, the better off your Testosterone Levels will be.

For instance:
  • If you’re not happy with your job or career, find a new one
  • If you’re not happy with the woman you’re dating, do the kind thing and break it off (or at least express your concerns to her and see if things can change for the better)
  • If you’re not happy because you’re spending too much time watching TV, find a new hobby or interest that inspires and motivates you, and makes you feel like you’re really LIVING.
Actually, I’ll give you one more quick tip for reducing the amount of stress and anxiety you feel on a daily basis:
  • Cut back on the amount of time you spend reading, watching or listening to the News (because 95% of it is negative, alarming and depressing - and therefore: stressful)

Let’s Recap:

  • There are “3 Keys” to having strong Sexual Performance…
  • The “3 Keys” are: healthy circulation and blood flow, optimal testosterone levels, and low stress
  • Optimize all 3 and you’ll experience things like higher sex-drive, harder erections, increased semen volume and regular morning erections
  • ​To improve your circulation and blood flow: eat a natural diet made up of minimally processed foods, and take a 20-30 minute walk each day (or two or three 10 minute walks)
  • ​To optimize your Testosterone Levels: ensure you get a minimum of 8 hours of quality sleep each night, eat plenty of healthy fats (because these are the “building blocks” for Testosterone), and do some strength training at least twice a week
  • ​ To reduce your stress levels: do 5-10 minutes of Meditation each day, set your life up so you spend more time doing things you ENJOY, and of course - make sure you get your 8 hours of quality sleep each night

How to Improve Your Circulation, Boost Your Testosterone Levels and Reduce Your Daily Stress Levels… Less Than 60 Seconds a Day…

...without Changing Your Entire Lifestyle…


I get it…

Optimizing The “3 Keys” to sexual performance (circulation, testosterone and your stress levels) is a big deal.

For most men it requires a total change in lifestyle…

They have to change their diet, their sleep patterns, and their exercise habits…

They have to pay attention to what causes stress in their lives - and then try to find a way to fix it.

It can be daunting. Overwhelming even.

When I Finally Discovered The “3 Keys” to Strong Male Sexual Performance I Had One of Those “Aha” Moments…

One of those moments where you realize something BIG and profound…
What I realized was that the reason why more and more men are STRUGGLING to SATISFY their women in bed…

Is because today’s modern world makes it almost impossible for a man to experience healthy circulation, optimal testosterone levels and low stress.

In fact, today’s modern world makes poor circulation, low testosterone and high stress (the perfect ‘recipe’ for LOUSY sexual performance), almost inevitable. Especially for men 35-40 plus.

So, I shared the information about the “3 Keys” with you, because I wanted to give you ALL the things you’d pay attention to, in your lifestyle, in an ideal world.

And, I encourage you to do as many of the things I suggested as you can. Heck, even doing one or two is better than nothing (say, taking a 20 minute walk each day, to improve your circulation, and eating more healthy fats to encourage higher Testosterone production).

That said, I’m not going to lie and tell you that I practice everything I preach I - because I don’t! Not all the time anyway.

For instance, in the past 2 weeks:
  • I’ve not done my strength training (because I’ve been too busy with other things)
  • I’ve not gotten a 20 minute walk in every day (again, due to time constraints)
  • I’ve made the mistake of spending too much time on my phone, reading too many news stories, and letting certain people ‘get to me’ (and I can feel it’s made me a little more stressed than usual)
On the plus side though, I have:
  • Eaten well, mostly
  • Meditated most days for at least 5 minutes
  • Focused on getting 8 hours quality sleep each night, and achieved it most of the time
So, life’s not perfect.
You do what you can.

Some week’s are better than others.

However, one thing I know for certain, is this:

You Want Your Sexual Performance to Be “Firing On All Cylinders” Every Night, Right?

Course you do.

Me too.

You don’t ever want to go to bed with a woman and fail to ‘get it up’ - or ‘blow too soon’ - simply because you ate a bad meal, failed to go to the gym, or had a stressful day at work!

You want a healthy erection, and ready to SATISFY any woman in bed, any night of the week…

Even if your lifestyle wasn’t actually set up for OPTIMAL sexual performance that day, or even that week, or month.

So, when I was figuring out all this stuff about how to boost sex-drive and optimize erections, I thought to myself:

“There HAS to be an easier way”

I thought:

“Sure, whenever possible I’ll do whatever I can to improve my circulation, boost my Testosterone and reduce my stress - including optimizing my diet, sleep, exercise and so on”


“Life will get in the way. So there has to be something I can do that’ll support my sexual performance, even when my lifestyle isn’t optimal at times”

And, these thoughts led me on a journey of discovery, deep into Ancient Eastern Wisdom, and how it relates to male sexual performance.

Pay attention.

According to Ancient Eastern Wisdom: Your Manhood is Your Health!

In the East, their system of health is very different to what we have in the West.
For instance, Western medicine often relies on pharmaceutical therapies to address health issues and SYMPTOMS.

Eastern medicine also considers a patient’s symptoms, yet is more focused on CAUSES. And tends to treat those causes with natural solutions…

The idea being…
  • If you successfully treat the CAUSE - the problem goes away for good
  • If you focus on treating symptoms (like we do in the West), those symptoms may go away for a while, but oftentimes, they come back, even worse, weeks or months down the line
In short, the East, for THOUSANDS of years, they had a very different system. A much more intelligent and logical system in my opinion. 

Here’s how it worked:

In The East, You Used to Pay a Doctor to Keep You Healthy!

Seriously… I’m not kidding...
You’d pay the Doctor to keep you and your family well. He’d visit you frequently, check up on your health, and make lifestyle recommendations, to keep you functioning as well as possible.

And, check this:

If You Became UNWELL, it Was Common Practice to FIRE your DOCTOR and Find a New One!

Another key distinction between Ancient Eastern Medicine and the Modern Western System of Healthcare, is this:
  • In the East they understand that treating the CAUSE of a problem is much more powerful than just threatening SYMPTOMS (as they tend to do in the modern western healthcare system)
I was also fascinated to discover that in the East they believed that:
“There’s no such thing as being healthy AND having sexual problems”
I repeat:

“There’s No Such Thing as Being Healthy AND Having Sexual Problems”

Meaning that, in the East, they believe that when a man has strong performance (sex-drive, erection quality, semen volume and regular morning wood) THAT is a sign of great overall health and vitality.

Conversely, if a man has low desire, weak erections, poor ejaculations, and no morning wood - THAT is a sign of poor health and vitality.

Once I started to understand the wisdom behind Eastern Health, I was hooked.

I wanted to know more…

I needed to know more...

And so my quest to uncover more hidden secrets continued...

Herbs that Supports a Healthy Sex-Drive and Optimize Erections…

Reading countless books, and consulting with several experts on the Ancient Eastern Philosophy towards Health and Male Vitality…
...led me to the understanding that Eastern Doctors have prescribed certain HERBS, for THOUSANDS of years, to improve all aspects to male virility…

Herbs to:
  • Improve Circulation and Blood Flow
  • Boost Testosterone
  • Lower Stress
In other words - for thousands of years, Eastern Health Experts have been successfully helping men to improve the “Big 3.” The Big 3 that modern western medicine has only recently realized are responsible for male sexual performance!
Talk about being “light years ahead of the game!”

These Eastern Health Practitioners and Sexual Experts were pioneers.

They have herbs, with thousands of years of proof behind them, that:
  • Improve Circulation and Blood Flow
  • Boost Testosterone
  • Lower Stress
This supports, for any man who takes them, being:
  • Healthy sex-drive
  • Maintain optimal erections
  • Increased semen volume 
  • ​Healthy libido
  • ​Greater staying power
  • ​More frequent morning erections
What I found really interesting was the fact that these herbs were rarely, if ever, taken on their own. Instead, they were almost always combined, very carefully, and in specific ratios, to create “Formulas.” And for very good reason.
The idea being, and the evidence proving, that Formulas were infinitely more powerful than any individual herbs could ever be.

The effect is synergistic you see…

Meaning: you could take, say, 9 herbs that were all really POWERFUL on their own…
However, when you combine them, correctly, in a Formula, the herbs become an unstoppable force for health and performance.

The Big Question is:

“Which Herbs Should You Take to Improve Your Sexual Performance?”

Well, the discussions I had with herbal experts, and Eastern Health Practitioners, led me to the conclusion that there were only 9 herbs and nutrients that were the most powerful and played the biggest part for improving male sexual performance.

Furthermore, months of testing, on both myself, and some of my friends and clients, confirmed this belief…

That 9 Ancient Eastern Herbs and Nutrients were particularly effective.
Everyone who tested them noticed benefits like:
  • Healthy active libido (one guy said one of the herbs made him feel like "a Dog with 2 Dicks" - his words, not mine - he was horny all the time).
  • Increased Semen Volume (my friend Dave said that 2 of the herbs caused an increase in the size of his loads that caused “my girlfriend to worship me like a God, every time I gave her the money shot. I totally plastered her”)
  • ​More morning erections (an older test subject, we’ll call him Bob to protect his privacy, said that he now “wakes up hard every day” and that “my wife reaches over, and gives it a squeeze every morning” - the only change Bob made was to try 3 of these herbs)
  • Everyone who tested the 9 herbs and nutrients agreed that they experienced healthy sensitivity and orgasms
As you can see…
These herbs are powerful.

Let me tell you about them - what they are, the benefits they can give you, and the Modern, Western Research and Proof that backs up the Ancient Eastern Wisdom that’s thousands of years old...


General Overview:

Also known as Tongkat Ali, many experts believe Longjack to be the most powerful herb of all for boosting free Testosterone Levels.
Longjack grows in Malaysia, Thailand and Indonesia. It’s very popular with Athletes (who enjoy it’s muscle and strength building properties), and men aged 35-40 plus (who love it’s positive effects on healthy sensitivity, orgasm quality and semen volume).

Primary Benefit: 
Boosts Free Testosterone Levels

Sexual Benefits: 
Healthy active libido, maintain erections, Increased Semen Volume

Other Benefits: 
Greater Energy, More Confidence, Increases in Muscle Mass and Strength, a Clearer and Sharper Mind, Improved Mood

Is it backed up by Western Science?
Yes. In countless studies.

For instance, in a double-blind study published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, researchers found that 12 weeks supplementation of a product containing a Eurycoma longifolia extract (Longjack) and Polygonum minus (an antioxidant) helped to enhance sexual performance and erectile function. (1)
Another study, also published in Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine, suggests that tongkat ali extract aids low libido and erectile function. (2) 

The study involved 109 men between 30 and 55 years of age and found that the extract helped increase erectile function, sexual libido, sperm motility, and semen volume. Loss of fat mass in those men who were overweight was also noted.

If you want to improve your Free Testosterone Levels, and enhance all aspects of your Sexual Performance, you MUST take a Formula that includes Longjack. It’s just too powerful to ignore.

Tribulus Terrestris

General Overview:

Tribulus Terrestis is a Herb - a small leafy plant - that originated in the Ayurvedic System (one of the great Eastern Systems of Health and Performance). Today it is grown in parts of Europe, Asia, Africa and The Middle East. 

It is commonly used to improve Testosterone Levels and Male Virility.

Primary Benefit: 
Boosts Testosterone Levels

Sexual Benefits: 
Increases Libido, Optimize Erections

Other Benefits: 
Keeps the Urinary Tract Healthy, Supports Muscle Growth, Supports Healthy Blood Sugar Levels

Is it backed up by Western Science?

Tribulus can support erection quality, according to a study published in Maturitas in 2017.(3) In testing, researchers found that those who took tribulus had a significant improvement in sexual function.

Tribulus Terrestis has thousands of years of use behind it, and is a powerful way to increase Testosterone and the sexual attributes associated with Testosterone, including: erection quality, desire, confidence, and semen volume.


General Overview:

Zinc is a mineral required by your body for Testosterone production.

Simply being deficient in this one mineral - which is very easy to become deficient in - can cause you to experience less than optimal Testosterone Levels. And, less than optimal sexual performance.

Unfortunately, it is extremely difficult to get enough Zinc from diet alone, because most foods are low in Zinc (with the exception of Oysters - which most people don’t like to eat anyway).

Primary Benefit: 
Supports Healthy Testosterone Levels

Sexual Benefits: 
All aspects of Male Sexual Performance: sex-drive, erection quality, stamina, semen volume, and has shown benefits towards healthy intercourse duration.

Other Benefits: 
Supports Prostate Health, Supports Protein Synthesis, Supports strong, Healthy Hair

Is it backed up by Western Science?

In one study, supplementing with Zinc was proven to show an increase in time before ejaculation, during intercourse (4).

A 2016 study showed that Zinc helped men to last longer during intercourse, before ejaculation (5).

Another study showed men experienced more reliable erections when supplementing with Zinc (6).

In 1996, A S Prasad et al, showed that Zinc can increase Testosterone (7).

There’s nothing ‘alternative,’ controversial, or even debatable about Zinc. Many men are Zinc deficient, and oftentimes, their less than optimal Testosterone Levels and less than impressive Sexual Performance can be greatly enhanced, simply by taking Zinc. It’s proven in countless scientific studies, some of which are referenced above.

Horny Goat Weed

General Overview:

Horny Goat Weed is an Herb traditionally used to improve sexual performance: particularly erection quality and sex-drive.

It is also referred to as “Epimedium” and is one of the most famous and effective Herbs for Male Vitality.

Primary Benefit: 
Increases Erection Quality

Sexual Benefits: 
Healthy libido, improves Circulation, boosts Testosterone

Other Benefits: 
Bone Mineral Density, supports healthy blood pressure and cholesterol levels

Is it backed up by Western Science?:

According to Horny Goat Weed can be used to increase Testosterone Levels, improve Circulation, boost Libido, and supporting healthy erections.

Horny Goat Weed is a true “Powerhouse” Herb for improving most aspects of Male Sexual Performance. If you want higher testosterone levels and improved circulation, plus… greater libido, and maintaining healthy erections, you’d be wise to give it a try.

Cissus Quadrangularis

General Overview:

Cissus quadrangularis is a vine that grows in Africa and parts of Asia. It is one of the most commonly used medicinal plants in Thailand, and is also used in traditional African and Ayurvedic medicine. All parts of the plant are used for medicine.

Primary Benefit: 
Cardiovascular Health, Circulation

Sexual Benefits: 
Improved Erection Quality

Other Benefits: 
Weight Loss, Bone Density, and more

Is it backed up by Western Science?:

For instance: one study showed that Cissus Quadrangularis helped participants to lose weight, and improve cardiovascular health(12).

Cissus Quadrangularis is a powerful nutrient for any man wanting healthy sexual performance… because it helps to get and maintain a healthy body weight, leading to improvements in cardiovascular health (and, as you know, cardiovascular health is key to circulation and blood flow, which are key to getting and maintaining erections).

Saw Palmetto Berries 

General Overview:

The saw palmetto plant was used for medicine by the Native Americans of the Southeastern U.S., and in the early 20th century, men started using the berries to support the urinary tract and support sperm production — in addition to maintaining prostate health.

Primary Benefit: 
Supports Prostate Health

Sexual Benefits:
Support Sperm Production (and Semen Volume), Supports Healthy Testosterone Levels

Other Benefits: 
Supports Healthy Sexual Function (erection quality and sex-drive), Supports Health Hair Growth

Saw Palmetto Berries are a ‘no-brainer’ if you want to experience better sexual performance - because they help you maintain healthy Testosterone Levels, supports sperm production, and maintain erections.


General Overview:

Often referred to as “The Master Mineral” in the Human Body - scientific experts believe Magnesium to be responsible for somewhere between 300 and 500 Biochemical reactions in the body (many of which are sexual).
Unfortunately, getting adequate Magnesium from diet alone is tricky, and more than 80% of the US Population are lacking.

Primary Benefit: 
Improves Cardiovascular Health and Blood Flow, Lowers Stress Levels

Sexual Benefits: 
Supporting healthy Erections

Other Benefits: 
Stronger Bones and Teeth, Higher Energy Production

Is it backed up by Western Science?

There’s no debate over the importance of Magnesium. Dr Joseph Mercola - one of the world’s leading authorities on Natural Health - has written extensively on the benefits(10). Remember “The Big 3” that you need to optimize if you want great sexual performance - Blood Flow, Testosterone and Low Stress - well, Magnesium can help improve them all!

If you were to only take one supplement, Magnesium should probably be it. The reason I say that is because most people are lacking in Magnesium. Likewise, the POSITIVE benefits to be gained (both sexually and non-sexually), from boosting your Magnesium Levels, are huge.

Hawthorn Berries

General Overview:

Hawthorn Berries are often referred to as “the heart herb” because of their various cardio-protective abilities.

Remember: strong sexual function requires a strong Cardiovascular System - specifically:

Healthy Circulation and Blood Flow.

Primary Benefit: 
Improves Blood Flow 

Sexual Benefits: Healthy erections

Other Benefits:  
Supports Heart Health, Supports Healthy Blood Pressure, can Help to Prevent Heart Disease, supports a healthy inflammatory response

Is it backed up by Western Science? 

Studies show that the benefits of Hawthorn Berries come from it’s wide and diverse range of nutrients, including:

Flavonoids (including hyperoside), Quercetin, Vitexin, Rutin, Pentacyclic Triterpenes, Acantolic acid, Neotegolic acid, Choline, Acetylcholine, Chlorogenic acid, Caffeic acid, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Phosphorus

Hawthorn Berries are natural nutritional powerhouses that can have a strong and positive effect on heart health and circulation. Since health health and circulation are key to strong male sexual performance - it makes sense to take Hawthorn Berries if you want to optimize erections, and a better quality of sex-life. 


General Overview:

Chrysin, also called 5,7-dihydroxyflavone,] is a flavone found in sexual natural foods, including honey.
It is used to support a healthy inflammatory response, and maintain Male Sexual Performance.

Primary Benefit: 
Supports a healthy inflammatory response

Sexual Benefits: 
Optimize erections

Other Benefits:  
Help with occasional stress and anxiety

Is it backed up by Western Science? 

Many scientific studies show that Chrysin is natural and effective.
For instance, in The Journal of Integrative Nephrology and Andrology, a study showed a positive effects on the Testosterone Levels of men who supplemented with Chrysin(11).

Chrysin is a powerful flavone, found naturally in a few foods, that can have a strong and positive effect on male sexual performance.
Okay, so now you know about 9 herbs and minerals that are scientifically PROVEN to support The “Big 3” necessary for strong male sexual performance:
  • Good Circulation, and blood flow “down there”
  • Optimal Testosterone Levels
  • Reduced Stress
And, you know that if you take the 9 herbs and nutrients I just showed you, on a consistent basis, you’ll begin to enjoy benefits such as:
  • Increased sex-drive
  • Support healthy erections
  • Healthy libido
  • Support of sperm productions and a healthy sex-drive
The only problem is:   

How Much of Each of The 9 Herbs and Nutrients Should Take, How Often Should You Take Them, and Where Should You Get Them From?”

When I was learning about these sexual performance enhancing ingredients, I had the same problem…
I LOVED the results I was getting - and the kind of long lasting, orgasmic sexual experiences I was enjoying…

However, it did occur to me, several months into testing, that most guys just wouldn’t be able to get access to all the herbs and minerals I had access to (at least not without spending a ridiculous amount of time, effort and money).

And yet, if the only men who got to benefit from my research were my close friends and a few dozen of my best clients - who had volunteered to help during the testing process - then I’m not sure all the effort would have been worth it.
So, I asked myself:

“Is there a way to enable any man to consume these 9 herbs and minerals, on a daily basis, in a way that’s quick, easy and cost-effective?”

Shortly after asking that question, I got the obvious answer…

“Yes. To enable any man to benefit from these 9 herbs and minerals, in the precise quantities and quality necessary to give maximum results, I need to turn them into a Formula

And so began several more months of pain-staking RESEARCH and TESTING…
To try and create a Formula that was:
  • Quick and easy to consume on a consistent daily basis
  • Contained all 9 potent ingredients in the highest quality possible
  • Contained all 9 ingredients in the specific ratios that would give the best results possible
And, I’m excited to tell you that almost a year after the research and testing began, my Research Team and I created:

A Natural Herbal and Mineral Based Formula for Men Who Want to Maintain Their Sexual Performance…

RISE is designed to help you ‘Rise to The Occasion’ in the bedroom - and SATISFY any woman you sleep with - every single time. Without fail.

As you can see, RISE comes in a discreet and classy bottle (and purposefully designed to make NO reference about sex on the label).

It simply says:


For Male Healthy & Vitality.

This discreet labelling means that when you stock up your kitchen cupboard with RISE, you won’t have to worry about anyone who sees it, judging you.

To get the full benefits from RISE, all you have to do is take 3 capsules each day, with a little water.

That’s it.

Probably 15 seconds of ‘effort’ (if you can even call it effort).
Take 3 capsules of RISE each day, and you can expect the following benefits:
  • A bigger Sex-drive
  • ​Optimized erections 
  • Maintaining a healthy erections
  • ​Supports sperm production
  • ​Can support morning erections
All those man-making benefits…
And all you have to do to experience them is take 3 capsules of RISE each day. Anytime you like. The important thing is just to get the capsules in your system.

You’ll also be delighted to know that:

  • RISE is manufactured in the USA. In a GMP Certified manufacturing facility - meaning: you get exactly what it says on the label (which isn’t always the case, especially with foreign made supplements)
  • RISE is Free From refined sugar and trans fats
  • RISE doesn’t contain any added salt or artificial flavorings
  • ​RISE is Free From GMOs

What is RISE Going to Cost You?

While it’s certainly true that many men would pay a small fortune to experience the sexual benefits RISE can give them…
I’m NOT going to charge you a small fortune for it...

Because I want as many men to benefit as possible…

Therefore, while RISE certainly isn’t ‘cheap’ (because cheap supplements mean inferior ingredients, and very often don’t even contain what they say on the label), RISE is very fairly priced…

And, on this page, you can stock up on RISE and make some big savings (see the order options below for more details).

1 bottle of RISE will cost you just $67. That’s a month’s supply.

Some inferior supplements cost well over $100 per month!

Sort your performance out by taking 3 capsules of RISE a day, with water. It’s simple.
1 Bottle of RISE
List Price: 97
You Save: $48 (49% OFF)
1 Bottle Delivered Every Month
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IMPORTANT: You can order with No Risk, because you’re covered by my 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee. Allowing you to try RISE with total peace-of-mind, and put all the risk on me. If, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, simply contact me and I’ll refund you in full.

Give Yourself The Gift of Unbreakable Confidence and Sexual Performance that’s Off-The-Charts… 

Listen. You, and only you, know if RISE is right for you.
I can’t make the decision for you.

However, given that you’ve read this far, it does tell me a few things:
  • Firstly, that you’re serious about improving your sexual performance
  • Secondly, that you’d like to improve your circulation, boost your testosterone, and lower your stress
  • ​ Thirdly, that you want to enjoy the kind of sexual performance that’ll let you blow any woman’s mind in bed
And, those are all perfectly NATURAL things to desire. Things most men would aspire to experience.

You should do all that you can to maintain your sexual performance. Because, as I said earlier - your performance is a sign of your overall health and vitality…

And, it’s also what allows you to experience the most physical PLEASURE you can possibly experience as a MAN…

While also allowing you to give ANY woman you sleep with the kind of physical PLEASURE that’ll make her addicted to you - even if you’re not her usual type… even if she’s younger than you, and even if she’s way better looking than you.

You see, women aren’t nearly as fickle as men when it comes to looks, or age. Most guys, in their fantasies, want a young, hot chick. But, women end up falling hardest for the guys who are confident and make them feel the best in bed (even if that guy is not in their league; looks wise, age wise and so on).

So, sure, it’s your call...

I just want you to know that… I’ve got your back…

I really want you to get this area of your life handled.

And, based on my own experience - and that of my closest friends and some of my best clients - I can tell you that RISE works…

It delivers great results for men of all ages…

Improved circulation, greater testosterone and lower stress…

Which translates into:

A bigger sex-drive...

Optimizing erections…

Supports sperm production...

Supports healthy sensitivity and orgasms

Supports morning erections...

And, the best part of all?

When you take RISE, and then take a woman to the bedroom…

They look at you, and treat you, with total RESPECT and ADORATION because you give them sexual experiences like no other man could.

That’s the power of RISE.

So, give it a try, and let me know how you get on. Okay?

1 Bottle of RISE
List Price: 97
You Save: $48 (49% OFF)
1 Bottle Delivered Every Month
Cancel Anytime
Shipping: $5.95
6 Bottles of RISE
List Price: 582
You Save: $318 (67% OFF)
FREE Shipping
3 Bottles of RISE
List Price: 291
You Save: $171 (59% OFF)
3 Bottles Delivered Every 3 Months
Cancel Anytime
FREE Shipping
IMPORTANT: You can order with No Risk, because you’re covered by my 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee. Allowing you to try RISE with total peace-of-mind, and put all the risk on me. If, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, simply contact me and I’ll refund you in full.

I’m rooting for your sexual success…
Your Wingman,
P.S. Modern Science has proven again and again that there are 3 “Big Things” you need to optimize, as a man, if you want to experience strong, reliable sexual performance:
  • Good circulation and blood flow “down there”
  • Healthy Testosterone Levels
  • Low Stress Levels
That’s the Bad News.

The Good News is…

When you take 3 capsules of RISE each day, with a little water, you’ll improve your circulation, boost your testosterone levels and lower your stress.

Allowing you to experience:
  • A healthy libido
  • Maintain healthy erections 
  • ​Supports sperm production and healthy sensitivity orgasms 
  • Supports morning erections
And of course…
A ridiculously SATISFIED woman in your bed!

So, if you’re ready to enjoy THAT kind of performance, give RISE a try today - while it’s still in stock.

You can try it risk-free - because it comes with a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee.

Better still...

There are several money-saving options below (available only on this page)...
1 Bottle of RISE
List Price: 97
You Save: $48 (49% OFF)
1 Bottle Delivered Every Month
Cancel Anytime
Shipping: $5.95
6 Bottles of RISE
List Price: 582
You Save: $318 (67% OFF)
FREE Shipping
3 Bottles of RISE
List Price: 291
You Save: $171 (59% OFF)
3 Bottles Delivered Every 3 Months
Cancel Anytime
FREE Shipping
IMPORTANT: You can order with No Risk, because you’re covered by my 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee. Allowing you to try RISE with total peace-of-mind, and put all the risk on me. If, for any reason, you aren’t satisfied with your purchase, simply contact me and I’ll refund you in full.

Frequently Asked Questions About RISE

What is RISE?

RISE is a natural herbal and mineral based Formula, for men who want to maintain their sexual performance. 

RISE is designed to help you ‘Rise to The Occasion’ in the bedroom.

As you can see, RISE comes in a discreet bottle (and doesn’t mention anything about sex on the label).

It simply says:


For Male Healthy & Vitality.

This means you can stock up your kitchen cupboards with RISE… and experience ALL the benefits (including improved sex-drive, healthy erections and greater semen volume)... without anyone ever knowing that what you’re taking is to support “Male Virility.”

What Benefits Can I Expect When I Take RISE?

Take 3 capsules of RISE each day, and you can expect the following benefits:
  • Improved Circulation and Blood Flow “down there”
  • Higher Testosterone Levels
  • Lower Stress and Cortisol (The Stress Hormone)
Of course, those 3 benefits are the things that’ll give you what you really want:
  • A healthy libido 
  • Maintain healthy erections
  • Supports a healthy sex drive 
  • ​Supports sperm production, healthy sensitivity and orgasms 
  • Support morning erections (don't be surprised if the lucky lady in your bed wakes up before you, and wraps her greedy lips around your throbbing member like it's the tastiest thing in the world!)
Ultimately, the biggest benefit of all will be a very happy, very SATISFIED woman in your bed…
A woman who is totally addicted to your Manhood…

A woman who RESPECTS and ADORES you, because of the way your cock makes her feel! Imagine how THAT is going to make YOU feel!

How do I Take RISE?

Take 3 capsules a day, anytime you like, with water.

It couldn’t be simpler.

Are The Ingredients in RISE Scientifically Proven?


All 9 of the natural Herbs and Minerals in RISE are backed up by Modern Western Research. 

And, they’ve been used successfully in the East, by MILLIONS of men, over the course of thousands of years.

Research and Proof doesn’t come any better!

How Do I Know I’ll Get What it Says on The Label?

Because RISE is manufactured in the USA, in a state-of-the-art GMP Certified Manufacturing Facility.

Giving you total peace of mind that what is in each and every capsule of RISE, is exactly what it says on the label.

Is RISE Safe?  


All 9 of the natural ingredients in RISE are designed to be taken daily, for months, if not years of continued use.

When RISE was created, a lot of time was spent making sure that only first-grade ingredients were used in the Formula. However, if you have any doubt, please speak to your physician first before taking RISE - especially if you have an underlying medical condition and/or on medications.

Is There a Money-Back Guarantee?  


You can try RISE Risk-Free for 60 Days.

Then, if for any reason you aren’t happy with the results, just click on the contact link at the bottom of this page and I’ll refund you in full. No problem.

Note: given the results guys have experienced when they take RISE, I doubt very much that you’ll be asking for a refund. However, it’s nice for you to be able to order with the peace-of-mind a 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee gives you.

Can Older Guys Take RISE?  

RISE works especially well for older guys! 

For many guys, simply taking 3 capsules of RISE each day will be all they need to do to support:
  • Healthy Libido
  • Optimize erections
  • Maintain healthy erections
  • ​Sperm production
  • ​Regular “Morning Wood”
  • Healthy penile sensitivity
And so on.
However, for maximum results, I do also suggest you do some of the “Lifestyle Hacks” I shared with you earlier on this page…

For instance, to support your circulation and blood flow, you can:
  • Eat a natural, minimally processed diet (including plenty of fresh fruits and veggies)
  • Take a 20-30 minute walk each day
To support your Testosterone Levels, you can:
  • Eat plenty of healthy fats (like Grass Fed Beef, Wild Alaskan Salmon, Eggs, Nuts, Seeds, Coconut Oil, Avocado, Raw Butter and so on)
  • Do some Strength Training 
And, to lower your Stress Levels, you can:
  • Do 5-10 minutes of Meditation each day
  • Ensure you get 8 hours of quality sleep each night
Ultimately, if you want the best results from RISE possible, no matter what your age, take 3 capsules a day, with water. That’s EASY.
Then do a few of the things I just suggested, to further support “The Big 3” that are necessary for strong male sexual performance: healthy circulation, optimal testosterone levels, and low stress levels.

Is Your Company Legitimate?


I’ve been helping guys to improve their Sex-Lives for years. And, I have thousands of happy, satisfied customers.

If you ever need help with your order, or have a question for me, you can reach me by clicking on the contact link at the bottom of this page.

What’s The Best Value Order Option?

On this page you’ll find 5 order options for RISE.

All of them allow you to try RISE at less than the full retail price.

That said, the 2 best value order options are the 6 Bottle (6 Month) Supply. Or, the 3 Month Supply delivered every 3 months.

Of course, all the order options are covered by my 60 Day Money-Back Guarantee - allowing you to try RISE without risk.

How Do I Order?

Ordering RISE is simple…

Choose an Order Option below…

Click the “Order Now” button…

Have your credit or debit card ready, and follow the simple, safe and secure 1-step checkout process.

After your order has been accepted, you’ll then receive a confirmation email, and my team will rush you your order.

Shipping Times:

 - USA: approximately 3 working days

 - Canada, UK and Europe: approximately 5-14 working days

 - International: approximately 5-21 working days

If you ever have a question about your order, you can reach me by clicking on the contact link at the bottom of this page and I’ll get back to you asap (usually within 2 working days).

Is RISE Billed Discreetly?

Yes, absolutely. 

Your credit card statement will simply show a payment to: PayPal AlphaLab

Is It  Shipped Discreetly?

You bet it is.
In a plain jiffy bag with no mention of the product on the package. 
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